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  • Hey! 

    So I started this game a couple weeks ago and was at times it was difficult to find some of the answers to some of the questions that I had. It's also nice to have the wiki up while I am playing because it's nice to glance over and remind myself I am on the right track. I wanted to help out by expanding the wiki, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to create and organize all of the information. 

    I noticed that the in-game "Tips" section of the pause menu has a lot of the answers that I was looking for and feel like a lot of that information could be used here. I typed up a lot of it on my own and thought that it could be of use to this wiki.

    I published a google docs to the web to share to see if you deem it helpful to the community. Keep in mind, everything was copied word for word from the game's tip section, but it is nice to have it on hand on a wiki for various reasons. 

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  • I want to complete the weapon part of the dragon marked for death wiki, but I can only edit it until m.def.can u help me
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